Inheriting the "Shun Jeng" spirit​ (real and trust)

Guarantee the quality of the brand in my own name, Ginkgo Lin

Dedicated to produce safe, aromatic taste of happiness

Ginkgo Lin International Co., Ltd. has stood for the Taiwanese market for decades and has always adhered to its original heart. We rigorously safeguard the food safety for our customer and stick to the highest quality with no compromise We have expanded our business overseas so more people would have the opportunity to enjoy our very fine products.


Exclusive Almond Powder Series

The mixture of carefully selected unpeeled almonds with precious pine nuts create  unique aroma.

Ginkgo Powder Series

This exclusive formula includes Ginkgo Biloba, which is identified as a“ living fossils” of the plant community, pine nuts, and American Ginseng, is an ideal tonic.

Tremella Drink Series

This instant drink is made from natural food and organic tremella.

Maltose Grain Bar
A multi-grain healthy bar (cookie)that meets good taste and nutrition at one time.
Classic Almond Powder Series

Delicate and supple classic taste with noble and elegant style.

Single Serve Package

Pamper yourself and be joyful the happiness from Almonds. This is your first choice for the purpose energy supply.

Chinese Herbal Tea

Applying the Eastern ancient wisdom, we made this ingenious drink from selective native herbs.

Pine Nuts Powder

Precious pine nuts collected from Northland are ground into powder.